Hygienically clean and safe environments in healthcare, laboratories and public areas are subconsciously a matter of course for us.

To ensure that this remains the case when using KOPOS white trunking and parapet channels in these areas, we have tested them for the effects of microorganisms on plastics. This was tested at the National Institute of Health according to EN ISO 846:2019 and the result was that white trunking and parapet channels manufactured by KOPOS are not a breeding ground for these bacteria: ESCHERICHIA COLI (diarrhoeal diseases), STAPHYLOCCUS AUREUS (golden staphylococcus), KLEBSIEL/A PNEUMONIAE (pneumonia and other infections), PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA (urinary tract inflammation, otitis media), ENTEROCOCCUS FAECALIS (urinary tract infection, abdominal cavity), BACILLUS SUBTILIS (hay fever bacillus), SALMONELLA ENTERICA (salmonella), LEGIONELLA PNEUMOPHILA (legionella), CANDIDA ALBICANS (yeast infection).

At KOPOS, we take great care of quality and are constantly trying to improve it, so you get additional added value to our products at the same price.