Código EAN8595568934161
Elcodigo aduanero73269098
Peso0,42 kg/pcs
Tratamiento superficialStainless steel AISI 304
Resistencia térmica-50 - 150 °C
Longitud280 mm
Corresponde a las normasČSN EN 61537
Espesor de la chapa metálica 1,5 mm
Para la altura de la bandeja110 mm

It is used for bending off of the cable ladder line or as a replacement of cable ladder adapting piece. Couplings are a more cost-effective and versatile way of creating a tray branch in a horizontal direction. Cut the side wall of the cable ladder to bend off c. 15 mm above the bottom – in the bottom perforation axis. It is necessary to use NCH. To fix the connection use the bolt NIXSM 6X10. To protect the cables, the bolt head is inside the cable tray.

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