Código EAN8595057625815
Elcodigo aduanero39174000
Peso0,01 kg/pcs
Material libre de halógenosyes
Resistente a las radiaciones UVyes
Autoextinguible30 s
Resistencia térmica
stable mounting: -50 to + 120 ° C; flexible mounting: -45 to +120 ° C
Diámetro exterior de los tubos16 mm
Combination of accessories and pipes is always controlled by outside diameter of the pipe used.
Áreas con el peligro de explosión
Can be installed in a zone with the danger of explosion of flammable gases and vapors of zone 2 and into the zone of danger of explosion of flammable dusts of zone 22.
Clase de protecciónIP 66
Corresponde a las normasČSN EN 61386-24

Adaptalok is a system of utilities allowing to terminate and fix the pipe. Utilities allow 45° and 90° tapping and direct threaded termination - M16 - M50 or PG13,5 - PG48. pipe termination is available as for flange as well. Installation and removal is easy and quick.

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