Código EAN8595057621398
Elcodigo aduanero39259080
Peso0.01 kg/pcs
Material libre de halógenosyes
Resistencia térmica-40 - 85 °C
Temperatura durante el montaje-10 - 30 °C
Ancho2,5 mm
Longitud100 mm
Diámetro de envoltura5 - 25 mm
Recomendaciones del fabricante
tape straps should be installed immediately after unpacking from a sealed bag. This will avoid unnecessary lowering of the PA moisture level, which would result in tape strap quality decrease.
Fuerza de apertura80 N

For easy and rapid marking or labelling of ties or cables. For fixing to a pad, use cable tie clamps. Fire resistance according to U.L. 94 - V2. Not long-term resistant to sunlight.

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Currently there are no products