Código EAN8595057690905
Elcodigo aduanero39172290
Peso0,29 kg/m
Colorlight grey
Material libre de halógenosyes
Autoextinguible30 s
Resistencia térmica-45 - 90 °C
Resistencia mecánica750 N/5cm
Protección mecánicaIK07
Longitud3 m
Diámetro exterior40 mm
Diámetro interior (min.)35,4 mm
Comprensiónlength ± 10 mm
Recomendaciones del fabricante
The producer recommends the installation of plastic pipes at temperatures above 0 ° C.
Funcionalidad en fuegoP90-R, E90, PS90
Áreas con el peligro de explosión
Can be installed in a zone with the danger of explosion of flammable gases and vapors of zone 2 and into the zone of danger of explosion of flammable dusts of zone 22.
Clase de reacción al fuegoA1 - F
Código de clasificación33521
Estándares de resistencia al fuegoČSN 73 0895, DIN 4102-12, STN 92 0205
Para los tubos40
Carga máxima para resistencia al fuego10 kg

Halogen-free rigid socket pipes suitable for distribution systems in apartments and industrial environments. Up to a diameter of 25, the tubes have a socket at one end. Diameters 32 - 40 are fitted with a coupling. Halogen-free pipes are used on premises where the safety of people and property is primary, e.g.: public buildings, hospitals, schools, theatres, airport halls, shopping centres, etc

Note for system with maintained functionality in fire:
max. 1 piece of cable in the pipe
You find more information in the catalogue Systems with maintained functionality in fire.

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