Código EAN8595057689404
Elcodigo aduanero39172390
Peso0,34 kg/m
Material libre de halógenosyes
Resistencia térmicaoperating: -45 - +60 °C; assembly: -5 - +60 °C
Resistencia mecánica450 N/20 cm
Longitud6 m
Diámetro exterior50 mm
Diámetro interior41 mm
Comprensiónlength ± 1 %
Recomendaciones del fabricante
The producer recommends the installation of plastic pipes at temperatures above 0 ° C.
Clase de reacción al fuegoA1
Clase de protecciónIP 40, if IP 67 sealing ring is used
Corresponde a las normasČSN EN 61386-24

Halogen-free rigid double-coated pipe designed for mechanical protection of all kinds of power and data wiring. The pipes are made in compliance with ČSN EN 61386-24. The pipe is available in form of a bar, the coupling is put on one end of it. The connection is sealed dust/sand resistant. When using a sealing ring, the protection class is IP 67. In case of mechanical compaction of layers above the protector, take care not to exceed the value of the load capacity of the protector - see catalogue PIPE PROTECTORS. The product may have common surface mechanical damage (crumpling, scratches, deformations of the ribs) to the outer wall of the pipe caused by production or transport technology, which does not affect the functionality of the product.