Código EAN8595057687806
Elcodigo aduanero85369010
Peso0.28 kg/pcs
Autoextinguible30 s
Resistencia térmica-30 - 105 °C
Ensayo de hilo incandescente850 °C
Ancho126 mm
Altura50 mm
Profundidad60 mm
Sección transversal del conductor conectado
4 x 2,5 - 6; 6 x 4 - 16; 2 x 10 - 95; 1 x 30 x 4 (strap)
Clase de reacción al fuegoA1 - F
La descripción del embalajewith cover

Used for main connection according to ČSN 1-35 2000-4-41. Bonding. Use only for bonding the zero potential, cannot be used as a phase connection etc. Can be used in the box KO 125 E - the box is specially adapted for mounting. Possibility to install also in boxes KT 250/1 and KT 250/L.