Código EAN8595057631809
Elcodigo aduanero39174000
Peso0,01 kg/pcs
Colorlight grey
Material libre de halógenosyes
Autoextinguible30 s
Resistencia térmica-45 - 90 °C
Protección mecánicaIK09
Diámetro exterior de los tubos16 mm
Diámetro del agujero del montaje4,4x6,4 mm
Áreas con el peligro de explosión
Can be installed in a zone with the danger of explosion of flammable gases and vapors of zone 2 and into the zone of danger of explosion of flammable dusts of zone 22.
Clase de reacción al fuegoA1 - F
Código de clasificación2452410
Corresponde a las normasČSN EN 61386-1 ed.2

The clamps are intended to fix the pipes to the underlying material. Pipes are installed by pushing between the clamp jaws. The clamps are equipped with elements for placing next to each other to create a continuous series of tubes, and also grooves for installation in supporting trunkings of 5820/...

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