Código EAN8595568904232
Elcodigo aduanero73269098
Peso1.28 kg/pcs
Tratamiento superficialPre-Galvanized
Resistencia térmica-50 - 150 °C
Corresponde a las normasČSN EN 61537
Espesor de la chapa metálica 2 mm
Cantidad de tornillos para la conexión16
Dimensión A315 mm
Dimensión H114 mm

Used to create branches in cable ladder routes or as a substitute for cable ladder fittings or to create a change in a route at different angles and different bending radiuses. Connectors are a cost-effective and versatile way of creating branches in routes in a horizontal direction. Cut the side wall of the cable ladder to bend off c. 15 mm above the bottom – in the bottom perforation axis. It is necessary to use NCH. The fastening of the joint is performed with the bolts NSM 6X10.

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